RAZRLAB is working on developing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with a ‘Big Picture’ mindset to solve problems on a country and sector wide level and needed help with where to focus their approach and solution development. The Accelerator team was able to provide them with the unique insights on their strategic development, and ultimately, guided them on how to establish themselves in the market with their target audience and helped identify their key partners. This resulted in RAZRLAB achieving the competitive edge they were looking for when approaching their solutions development activities and helped them secure significant seed funding within a year.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund is aptly analogous to an ‘Oasis in the Desert’. If anyone asks how MBRIF has helped RAZRLAB, the simplest answer would be this: MBRIF is going to be in RAZRLAB’s DNA for as long as RAZRLAB exists, and for that we are very grateful.

Jason Gasper, RAZRLAB Co-founder & CEO

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