It’s in our name and DNA

The MBRIF is built for innovators and founders who see the world differently. We exist to advance innovators towards achieving scale, market traction, and ultimately, business success.

Every innovator is different. Every business has its distinct challenges. The MBRIF doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to supporting founders and innovators.

For this reason, the MBRIF carefully crafted two programs to address the unique needs of every innovator, doing so in support with our like-minded partner and operator, Emirates Development Bank.

Our ambition is
to drive innovation

By making the UAE home
to global innovation

Our aim is to attract high potential innovators from around the world to the UAE and transform the innovation landscape

By helping homegrown
innovations thrive

We support local innovators to succeed and reach their growth ambitions, both in the UAE and internationally, by providing them with the services and connections tailored to their needs

By instilling a culture
of innovation in the nation

In order to make a lasting impact on the UAE, we believe that it’s critical for innovators to become a part of the fabric of the country, its youth, and its residents

All made possible by the UAE’s Ministry of Finance

All made possible by the UAE’s Ministry of Finance

Inspired by the vision of the UAE leadership, the Ministry of Finance is working to realize the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy by attracting high potential innovators to design and create the future with us.

To fulfill this vision, the Ministry launched the MBRIF to identify and nurture the best talent supported by a global ecosystem of partners.

Together, we will transform the nation’s economy and create a culture of innovation within our society.

And we serve innovators through our outstanding operator, Emirates Development Bank

EDB, the operator of MBRIF, is a leading financial institution in its class, providing excellence in developmental banking services and is focused on contributing to the sustainable growth of the UAE economy.

The MBRIF is backed by the federal government, serving innovators through our two outstanding programs; the Innovation Accelerator and Guarantee Scheme, under one umbrella providing end-to-end mentoring and funding support.

We knock down financing barriers
To further facilitate innovation activities through targeted financial solutions and business development tools, the Guarantee Scheme supports innovators with affordable government-backed financing.

We bring the best business advice to innovators
The Innovation Accelerator program gives innovators access to the world’s best experts tailored to their specific needs and provides unique insights and advice to grow their business.

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We work with industry leaders to assess your fit

Our Advisory & Decision Committee, an independent panel of experts, assess the suitability of the innovator, their concept, product and business model.

Each program committee consists of world-class experts across multiple industries from leading public and private institutions.

Meet our panel

Enabling the changemakers

Adnan Al-Rais MBRSC

Lamis Bin Harib Ecabiotech, ME

Roberto Croci Microsoft

Enabling the changemakers

Our experts are selected based on your specific needs. They enrich your experience by bringing you the knowledge, unique insights and right connections to grow

Meet our experts

Shape the future with
our two distinct offerings

The catalyst for your innovation


Got a ground-breaking innovation that’s still taking shape? Unlock its true potential with the MBRIF Accelerator, a unique offering focused on innovation, rooted in collaboration, and delivered by an ecosystem of global experts and partners.


We’ll help you achieve tangible results with the right combination of services, experts, culture and environment.


Acceleration and mentorship by Emirates Development Bank

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The backing for your innovation

Guarantee Scheme

Want to take your path-breaking innovation to the next level? The MBRIF’s Guarantee Scheme provides you with access to financial support through flexible government-backed loan guarantees, so that you stay ahead of the game. Grow your business with financing solutions that doesn’t dilute your equity, enabling you to maintain control over your company’s ownership and direction while scaling it to new milestones.


Supported by Emirates Development Bank

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