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  • Education

Riz Ahmed

EdTech Entrepreneur

Riz Ahmed is a trailblazing edtech entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the way we approach education. As the founder of multiple successful edtech startups, he has dedicated his career to bridging the gap between technology and learning. Riz's innovative platforms have empowered students and educators alike, unlocking new opportunities and transforming traditional education models.

  • Corporate Strategy & Governance

Fahim Al Qasimi

Partner at AQ&P

Fahim advises boards of directors on corporate governance strategy, shaping the board’s agenda and key functions that should be implemented by the board of directors.

  • Space

Adnan Al Rais

Senior Director at Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center

Adnan was part of the team that built the UAEs first ground station and now he’s leading the development, design and implementation of the ground segment of the Mars Mission.

  • Clean energy
  • Technology
  • Water

Khaled Bushnaq

Founder and CEO, Energy Management Services (EMS)

Khaled Bushnaq is a visionary leader in the field of energy management services. As the founder and CEO of Energy Management Services, he has revolutionized the way organizations optimize their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint. With his expertise in energy efficiency solutions, Khaled has helped countless businesses achieve substantial cost savings while contributing to environmental sustainability.

  • Clean energy

Jeremy Crane

CEO, Yellow Door Energy

Jeremy Crane has been leading the global energy transition for 20 years. He founded Yellow Door Energy in 2015 to combine his energy expertise with his passion for supporting businesses in emerging markets. He is currently helping businesses reduce energy costs, increase energy reliability, while lowering their environmental footprint.

  • Technology

Roberto Croci

Managing Director, Microsoft

With over 20 years’ experience working for the likes of Microsoft and Google, Roberto Croci’s passion lies in innovation, startups and PEOPLE. He has been a leading innovator in developing ecosystems where startups thrive. Connecting the dots between startups, government agencies and private sector organizations, Roberto helps organizations adopt the innovation mindset and leverage the technology and nimbleness that startups provide.

  • Technology

Mark Esposito

Co-Founder Nexus FrontierTech & Circular Economy Alliance

Professor of Economics ( Hult, MBRSG, Harvard), Fellow at Digital Alliance and DLT Science Foundation, Co-Founder of Nexus FrontierTech & Circular Economy Alliance. Global Expert, World Economic Forum

  • Education

Mike Gernon

Chief Education Innovation Officer GEMS

Mick is spearheading a global strategy designed to place all GEMS schools across the world at the forefront of innovatory and transformational practice.

  • Sustainability

Lamis Harib

CEO & Partner at Ecabiotec Middle East

Lamis is a co-founding partner at UAE-German collaboration Ecabiotec Middle East; manufacturing non-toxic and natural disinfection solutions for various industries in air, water and surfaces.

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