MBRIF announces 18 New Cohort members for the Accelerator Program

The Winter Cohort 2020 members were selected from 232 applications from 48 countries and comprises startups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are breaking new ground in critical sectors identified by the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy, including: Education, Health, Renewable and Clean Energy, Space, Technology, Transportation, and Water. More than half of the selected new members are businesses headquartered in the UAE whilst six are internationally-based companies from across three continents. The new cohort met virtually for the first time on December 15th and the program officially kicks off in January 2021.

Non-UAE based Members include:
Ajar - an online payment gateway for the real estate sector;
Alethia - a whistleblowing mobile app;
BuyBackBazaar - a reverse auction engine for secondhand goods;
Colosseum Media - an interactive streaming platform;
Giisty - a social knowledge platform,
Hotel Data Cloud- a subscription-based B2B hospitality sector solution;
Immensa Technology Labs- a proprietary additive 3D printing and inventory solution;
Letswork - an app-based platform that connects individuals and teams with workspaces to boost venue revenue streams;
Mesh - a gig-economy platform that supports managed work opportunities without the legal and financial risks associated with freelancing;
Sarwa - a robo-advisor digital platform, which provides automated financial planning and investing services;
Shorages - the only fulfilment solution that is tailored in its entirety to serve e-commerce; and
Wahaj Solar - creator of a concentrated solar power solution

New internationally-based Members include::
AITRICS - which combines technology and healthcare with a preventative artificial intelligence solution that supports early intervention from South Korea;
Alesca Life Technologies - a developer of hyper-efficient, modular, hydroponic and climate-controlled commercial farms from China;
Mobsting - a novel marketing platform from Lebanon;
P4ML - an Ireland-based company providing a platform that aggregates data for prenatal child disease diagnosis, prognosis, therapy selection, and drug development;
Rightangled - a UK-based company which enables medical consultants to provide context into patients’ DNA results and self-reported health information; and
WideBot - an Egypt-based B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) bot building platform with artificial intelligence-enabled chatbots that speak both formal and informal Arabic.

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