MBRIF Accelerator Spring Cohort 2019 Announcement

Congratulations to our Spring Cohort members on their recent selection to the MBRIF Accelerator! We are incredibly excited to welcome a diverse group of members from around the world, who cater to a multitude of sectors and are working on leading innovations in their respective domains. Our members come from countries across the world, including: the UAE, KSA, USA, Jordan, the UK and France.

Abjjad, Addenda, Admetsys, Airspace Industrial Blockchain (AIB), CarSwitch.com, Cemvita Factory, Denarii Cash, Electric Visionary Aircrafts (EVA), HeyDoc!, Heyraat e-Store, Kinteract, Morni, Nabta Health, Neutral Fuels, Optimus, RAZRLAB, Smart Crowd and Smart Labour.

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