KSA based company Morni, a mobility solutions provider, is currently in the process of entering the UAE market. This is a result of our work together, first refining baseline operations, increasing their business confidence with investors and establishing the foundations for measuring their ongoing success. We also worked with Morni to improve operational fundamentals, reduce OPEX costs and improve overall performance of their business.

Thanks to all at the MBRIF, today, we're better, faster, smoother and more user-friendly.

Salman Al Suhaibaney, Morni Founder & CEO

By helping them crystalize their business strategy and validating their market entry strategy through our connections, Morni now has a clear path to enter the UAE market.

I believe we met with the top experts, and the feedback given was instrumental on the value proposition, the business model canvas and market entry strategy. The impact of all these services will be even more visible when we enter the UAE market.

Salman Al Suhaibaney, Morni Founder & CEO

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