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Hawa Water

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  • 2021
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Hawa Water

  • Water
  • 2021
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Inventor's story

Hawa® water is created 100% from air and earth minerals, eco-friendly, using

returnable bottles, naturally low sodium, alkaline, infinite fresh new source,

and supports UAE water security initiative.

Hawa® water utilizes unlimited water source at no risk to the environment or

marine life. Filled in a returnable glass bottle to eliminate plastic pollution.

from UAE

About the founder

Gregory Sauvage

Co-founder & Strategy

Leader i n energy transition and sustainability

  • Solar PV & Green Hydrogen (R SA)
  • Ai r to Water Techno logy (U S A)
  • BU KH ATIR Group (UAE)
  • Bouygues (France)
  • Foster W heeler (U K)
  • Petrofac (UAE)
  • MS c in Energy System s and the Environment


Jaufre Rouanet

Co-founder & Finance

Seasoned Financial Consultant and Investor

  • PwC (France, U SA, Monaco)
  • Air to Water Technology (U S A)
  • Oil Field Services (UAE)
  • Debt Restructuring (Mashreq Syndicate)
  • M.S c. Finance

Nabil Hamade

Co-founder & Operation

Water passionate and production expert

  • Pepsi Co (US A)
  • Mars (U S A and UAE)
  • Pepsi (KS A)
  • First Solar (US A)
  • Certified Energy Manager by AAEE
  • Developer of the Water from Air Technology

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