Our Impact
2016 – 2021


Jobs Created


Funding Raised

1172M AED


17.5M AED

Revenue Increased


Expanded Geographically

Empowering you
to re-shape tomorrow

Wherever you are in the world, if you are a high potential innovator, we provide you with a unique blend of services to realize your potential.

Whether it’s perfecting your business model, supporting your market entry, or helping you gain access to finance to grow your business, the MBRIF has a solution for you at every stage.


Our strengths match
your ambition

A government initiative backing you

We’re a non-profit seeking innovation enabler, which means we selflessly serve you without asking for equity in return

Placing you at center stage

From startup to scale-up, we give you the resources, the industry insights and tailor our services around your needs

An exceptional
ecosystem for you

We bring together the world’s best private and public organizations to give you access to financial support and the best advice

Together we can unlock
your true potential


Ricky Husain, Founder,North Ladder

“The biggest benefit has been the MBRIF’s ability to build both capacity and capability for the startup community, from the ground up. Opening doors to not just funding, but also industry experts from whom one can constantly learn and use their inputs has been the hallmark of the MBRIF journey for us so far.“

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Theresa Wernery, Founder,Terrax

“We felt we needed some external input to help us to refine our direction and strategy, and the MBRIF team has given us valuable input on key aspects, such as branding, pricing structures, presentation skills and intellectual property protection,”

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How can we help you?

To understand which program is the best fit for you, let’s explore where you are now:

Have you identified a solution that either tackles a conventional problem in a new way or solves a global challenge?

Question 1/5

Have you developed your solution into a working product or service for your target market or customer?

Question 2/5

Has your innovation reached product market fit or shown demonstratable traction in the market?

Question 3/5

Are you currently working out how to grow your business or are you ready to find new markets for growth?

Question 4/5

Are you facing more challenges with access to funds or access to advice and reaching industry connections?

Question 5/5

Based on your answers, we recommend the

Guarantee Scheme

Keep working on your solution and come back to us! We want to help you succeed. Check out what our members have done.


Finish the quiz to know which program suits you best.

The catalyst for your innovation


Got a ground-breaking innovation that’s still taking shape or need help launching to the next stage? Unlock your true potential with the MBRIF Accelerator, a unique offering focused on innovation, rooted in collaboration, and delivered by an ecosystem of global experts and partners.

We’ll help you achieve tangible results with the right combination of services, experts, culture and environment.

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The backing for your innovation

Guarantee Scheme

Want to take your path-breaking innovation to the next level? The MBRIF’s Guarantee Scheme provides you with access to financial support through flexible government-backed loan guarantees, so that you can always stay ahead of the game. The Guarantee Scheme allows you to grow your business with financing solutions that do not dilute your equity, enabling you to maintain control over your company’s ownership and direction while scaling it to new successes.

Supported by Emirates Development Bank
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