MBRIF Welcomes 23 Cutting-edge Innovators to its Accelerator Program

MBRIF Welcomes 23 Cutting-edge Innovators to its Accelerator Program

  • The program continues to attract top global innovators across strategic sectors outlined in the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy.
Dubai, UAE – XX 2023: Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund (MBRIF), an initiative launched by the UAE Ministry of Finance to support innovation in the UAE, has announced the selection of 22 exceptional innovators as members of its prestigious Accelerator program for Cohort 7.

The MBRIF Accelerator Program is a catalyst for innovation, offering world-class resources, mentorship, and support to its member companies to accelerate growth, enhance capabilities, unlock value, and attain scalability. In alignment with the UAE's National Innovation Strategy, the program is dedicated to boosting the growth potential of innovative businesses that are poised to shape the UAE's future economy.

Commenting on this milestone, Fatima Al Naqbi, Chief Innovation Officer at the Ministry of Finance and MBRIF representative, said: "The MBRIF Accelerator is a beacon of innovation and collaboration, empowering entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into reality and make a positive impact. Cohort 7 showcases a diverse range of world-class innovators, each with the potential to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet. By equipping them with the tools for success, the program helps build a more sustainable future for the UAE and the world.”

This latest cohort was meticulously chosen from a pool of over 230 applicants from 41 countries. Cohort 7 showcases a diverse array of innovators who have made significant strides in the key sectors identified by the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy, including education, health, clean energy, technology, space, transportation, renewable energy and water.

Their stages of development range from start-up to scale-up, highlighting the program's expanding reach as it continues to attract applications from an increasing number of countries.

New members of the MBRIF Innovation Accelerator program include:
  • Below Farm: Locally growing specialty mushrooms in the UAE desert
  • Egrobots: Innovative precision solution for smart and sustainable farming
  • Uktob AI empowered professional assistant
  • Mirathi:  Legacy plans for digital assets
  • Finanshels: AI powered financial management solution
  • Appro: Fintech solution for a streamlined and simplified retail banking onboarding
  • Pulse Technologies: Predictive IoT solution for maximizing civil structures service life
  • Hulexo: AI-powered ERP system for proactive decisions and insights for retailers
  • FACEKI: Advanced biometric technology to prevent fraud and simplify onboarding experience
  • InvoiceMate: Leveraging invoices to facilitate SME financing
  • ViAct: AIoT monitoring platform for construction sustainability
  • AI Generative Lab: Transforming business operations with AI based solutions
  • Unipreneur: The UAE’s 1st platform for youth entrepreneurs
  • Hekayati: Empowering children through personalized story books in Arabic and English
  • Detectiome: Early precision cancer detection tailored for the people of the ME
  • MDBX Health: Simplifying chronic disease management
  • Arlan Biotech: AI/ML powered platform for faster nanobody discovery
  • MayaMD: AI based predictive, personalized and preventive care platform
  • HealthStay: Supporting medical tourism through an AI driven platform
  • Oscar: MENA-focused automated sustainable procurement platform
  • TranspRight: Seamless eco-proactive online transportation management platform
  • SpaceTIS: Advanced UAV technology for more versatility and endurance

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